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If you need a transport or warehousing/logistics solution, we can always find a solution through one of our partner companies in DTK Group. With more than 250 trucks and more than 16,000 square metres of warehouse space, we can solve a full range of tasks in our business – even though we don’t transport anything ourselves. We’re the parent company behind the various partner companies that are incorporated in DTK Group – and we’re constantly on the lookout for new firms in the business that can help to complement our range of transport and warehousing/logistics solutions for Danish business and industry.

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Do you need transport, storage facilities or logistics?

Do you need a transport, warehousing or logistics solution? Then contact one of the partner companies in DTK Group. Each company is specialised within certain areas in our overall business sector, but can provide the entire group’s full range of products and services, thereby enabling you to meet all your transport and logistics needs through the same contact person. This ensures that you have the right solution every time – because we already know you, your firm and your needs, and we have the decision-making competence to reach agreements on all the solutions we offer at DTK.

DTK Group:

Focus on warehousing, logistics, LTL & FTL traffic to/from Denmark, Germany, Benelux, France, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe.

Warehouse logistics and classic warehousing tasks such as storage, handling, unloading containers, etc.

Delivering LTL/FTL throughout Scandinavia, e.g. most recently components for a wind farm in northern Norway close to the Russian border.

Time-critical and temperature-controlled transportation of foodstuffs, in particular all forms of fresh, frozen, salted and dried fish.

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