Focus on warehousing, logistics, LTL & FTL traffic to/from Denmark, Germany, Benelux, France, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe.

DTK Logistics GmbH

Warehouse logistics and classic warehousing tasks such as storage, handling, unloading containers, etc.

DTK Road A/S

Delivering LTL/FTL throughout Scandinavia, e.g. most recently components for a wind farm in northern Norway close to the Russian border.

DTK Frigo A/S

Time-critical and temperature-controlled transportation of foodstuffs, in particular all forms of fresh, frozen, salted and dried fish.

DTK East A/S

All kind of full, part and piece goods transport to Ukraine and all countries in the Eastern European area.

Customs Service

Manages your customs duties quickly and efficiently so you can avoid the administrative work of your customs clearance

Pan-European transport solutions

Regardless of what you need to have transported, how it should be transported or where in Europe or Scandinavia your goods are to be sent, DTK Group can find the right transport solution for you. We can also manage scalable warehousing and logistics solutions that reflect a full range of capacities and needs.

DTK Group – a group of limited partnership companies within transport and logistics

DTK Group is the parent in a group of limited partnership companies that all operate within transport and logistics. Each partnership company contributes with its particular specialist knowledge and skills within a particular area. Together, we can deal with the full range of transport and logistics solutions regardless of size, type and requirements – for the benefit of our customers!

DTK Group is the tangible proof that the sum of many business partners is greater than each of the firms individually. Through committed employees, a flat organisational structure and decentralised decision-making competence, together we can deliver exactly the right transport and logistics solution to your company.

Our word is our bond

Close collaboration between each of the companies and a flat organisational structure in each company mean that we’ve been able to delegate decision-making competence directly to the employees with whom our customers have contact.

This means that you can be sure that whatever we’ve agreed will be what’s delivered – or rather, that your customers get their goods delivered exactly as we’ve agreed with you.

DTK Group is the backbone

This applies no matter which firm in DTK Group you speak to. DTK Group doesn’t carry out any types of transport and logistics tasks itself. We’re the parent of the limited partnership companies and are responsible for all the administrative work and all the technology. This enables each firm to concentrate on providing you with the best possible solution to your transport and logistics needs.

With more than 16,000 square metres of dry storage and cold store capacity in Denmark and Germany, 250 trucks and a full range of specialist equipment needed for, for example, refrigerated, paper and food transport, the firms in DTK Group can deal with any task, whatever its size.

So regardless of whether you have a single pallet of goods or you need to outsource your warehousing and logistics solution, the business partners in DTK Group can deliver a solution to match – either alone or in collaboration with the other firms in the group.

Read more about DTK Group and the individual firms in the group.

Do you wish to be part of the group?

Does your firm specialise in a particular area of the transport or logistics business, but doesn’t find administration or technology exciting? Or do you need the financial muscle to expand? Then contact DTK Group to hear more about whether your company fits into DTK Group.

We can deal with all administrative tasks, as well as providing IT and fleet tracking solutions, tried and tested processes and access to our equipment. If you have the right dynamism, professionalism and the right presence, then you might well be the right business partner in DTK Group.


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DTK Frigo A/S

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DTK Logistics GmbH

DTK Logistics GmbH
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DTK Frigo UK

Customs Service A/S

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