Are you the next managing director in a partner company in DTK Group?

Do you have the right experience in the business, the right network and the right business idea for a new business within transport or logistics? But you need the technology, funding and somebody to take care of all the administrative work? Then perhaps you’re the next managing director in a new partner company in DTK Group.

Where are you today?

Are you in a transport or logistics firm today and believe that you could do things better? Or do you have a new, exciting and interesting business idea or a good network?

Then you could easily end up being the next managing director in a new partner company in DTK Group. We’re always on the lookout for the right people and the new ideas that will drive the future in the transport and logistics business – not just at home, but throughout Scandinavia and Europe.

We can contribute with capital, modern technology and an administration that is geared to all the practical aspects, including employees, invoicing, accounting and reports to various authorities – in addition to enormous knowhow and more than 30 years’ experience from the transport and logistics sector.

Our investment in you will be a new partner company that will be incorporated into DTK Group on an equal footing with the firms we already have in the group – with you at its head.

You won’t just be an employee – you’ll be a partner

That’s why we call the firms in the DTK Group partner companies. Each individual partner company retains its independence – it just has DTK added to the name that we agree will be given to the new firm.

At the same time, you become part of something bigger from day one, and can utilise all the muscle we have to finance, market and manage – as well as our fleet of 250 trucks.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of all the purchasing cost benefits. Together, we can get bigger discounts, longer credit and access to products and services that a small, newly established firm wouldn’t have. Finally, you have access to all the latest technological solutions that are so expensive to establish from scratch.

You’ll also get a lot of new and experienced business partners you can use when you need to solve a challenge or find the best solution to a task. Last, but not least, you have the chance to sell all the products and services within transport, storage and logistics that we’ve accumulated in DTK Group – and the other partner companies can sell yours. This results in more revenue, more activity, a more exciting and busy working day and a greater chance of retaining customers.

In short, you get all the advantages of being part of something bigger – whilst retaining everything that’s so great about having your own.

Shall we discuss partnership?

We’re always on the lookout for new, enterprising and independent transport and logistics individuals that have desire, drive and experience, but lack the possibilities we can give our new partner companies from the start.

We’re always interested in hearing from you, regardless of which type of business idea or niche in the market you’ve found. We’re happy to drive, sail or fly goods for your future customers and can handle cold stores or dry stores, distribution solutions or a brand new disruptive idea within our business.

If you’d like to hear about the advantages of starting up a partner company in DTK Group, then contact Managing Director Steen Sørensen at

Focus on warehousing, logistics, LTL & FTL traffic to/from Denmark, Germany, Benelux, France, Switzerland, Italy and Eastern Europe.

Warehouse logistics and classic warehousing tasks such as storage, handling, unloading containers, etc.

Delivering LTL/FTL throughout Scandinavia, e.g. most recently components for a wind farm in northern Norway close to the Russian border.

Time-critical and temperature-controlled transportation of foodstuffs, in particular all forms of fresh, frozen, salted and dried fish.

Shall we contact you?

Complete this form – and we’ll give you a call! You can also always call us on +45 74 67 08 00 if you have any questions. We’re always ready to provide useful advice.

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